Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Would Pat Robertson Do (WWPRD?): My guess: Set a cold-blooded murderer free

By now you should be familiar with the case of Scott Roeder of Wichita, Kansas. On Friday, Roeder was found guilty of first degree murder in the death of Dr. George Tiller, an abortion provider.

Roeder never disputed the facts. From the witness stand, he described the events of that Sunday morning when he gunned down Tiller. Roeder went to the church Tiller attended, found him in the church's fellowship hall, held a gun to his forehead and pulled the trigger.

Roeder's only defense was that he had to do it to prevent the deaths of unborn children. He took the witness stand and described what happened that morning in detail. You can read more about the case here.

I had a discussion about the case with my brother over breakfast this morning. He's pro-life and I'm pro-choice, but we both agreed that the jury had no choice in this matter. Roeder had to be convicted. This case was about murder.

But then, later in the day, I could not help but wonder: What would Pat Robertson do? (WWPRD?)

Look at this quote from Gerard Thomas Straub, former producer of The 700 Club (courtesy of this web site):
"Here is another example of the way Robertson would mix church and state, rather than keep them separate. Let's say that a Christian thinks God is directing him or her to blow up an abortion clinic or kill a doctor who performs abortions, and this Christian does in fact commit such a crime. In a September of 1984 edition of The 700 Club, Robertson suggested that special church tribunals could be called upon to discern if a believer had in fact received an authentic word from God which compelled him to break a civil law. According to Robertson, if this church tribunal did determine the believer had in fact received an authentic message from God -- how they could reach this conclusion without issuing God a subpoena wasn't made clear -- then, Robertson said, the church tribunal would have the civil authority to provide the believer with immunity from prosecution."
Thank God (that's my choice...or whomever you want) that we don't live in Pat Robertson's America. Could you imagine if law enforcement was outsourced to church tribunals to discern whether or not God approved of violating our nation's laws?

So what do I think Pat Robertson would do? I think he'd let a murderer least, if he believed God called the murderer to kill someone in cold blood.

Hey Pat, STFU!


  1. Seeing as he's called for the death of our judges as well as the assassination of foreign nationals --- it would not surprise me if Patty was all about letting such despicables go.

  2. I am pro-life, and I find it really hard to believe that anyone, even Pat Robertson, would look for a way to excuse a murderer and then blame it on God. As far as I can tell, being pro-LIFE means being anti-shooting-people... But I am not a Christian, so maybe I just didn't get the memo from God that it's ok to do that.

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  4. As a pro-lifer, myself, who has a history of marching around an abortion provider hospital, i have to say that i am in full agreement with the author of this 'blog.

    Even after his murder of the abortion providing physician, there was still another physician available, to perform those, (legal under the laws of our state), procedures.

    I only hope that my own marching never motivated the murder of any medical worker, abortion provider, bystander or otherwise?

  5. I don't know how can u be so foolish, Americans!
    I'm a Christian from the middle east, and I can tell u: people like Pat Robertson are the ones who try to save your asses. Believe me, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Waleed Shoebat, Perry Stone, and all those wonderful Pastors I used to watch on my TV here in Egypt, are the most loyal to America, and to the western civilization.
    Someday u'll find out that those people were trying to save your country. In this era of human timeline there is a battle going on between the western civilization (which is based upon Christian traditions) and ISLAM. That is, to say, Islamists (who are trying now to islamize America and Europe) has fooled you up that u r now insulting ur pastors and betraying ur religion.
    Don't be fools; believe me when I say that Pat Robertson is one of the most sincere, patriot, decent men u got there in America.
    Don't leave a gap for the enemy to enter from. Don't repeat the Obama mistake again (the latter is a crypto Muslim by the way; at least I consider so greatly).
    God bless you, and God save America (he will, I'm sure, as long as there are great men in this blessed nation as Pat Robertson).